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For every multinational organization, the ever-changing world of cross-border tax compliance regulations, in-country tax rates, tariffs, and related topics make transfer pricing critical to long-term business health. While potential penalties from issues in tax reporting compliance are significant, so is the upside to optimizing transfer pricing execution. The key is providing your tax team with full integration and control over all data and documents to enable real-time analytics and modeling of scenarios. Aibidia’s Transfer Pricing Accelerator was developed from the ground-up to do exactly that.

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Transfer Pricing Documentation

Automation of transfer pricing compliance documentation, in the formats requested by tax authorities, with the single click of a button.

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Country-by-Country Analytics

Country-by-Country level analysis in accordance with the latest tax rates, policies, and procedures at the country level.

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Value Chain Analytics

Visualization of the value chain across all included geographies, including real-time scenario modeling.

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