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Embrace technology. Improve quality. Save money.

Aibidia uses technology to modernize, optimize, and improve all aspects of your transfer pricing. From saving time automating manual production of local files, to reducing risk thanks to clear understanding of Pillar Two.

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Local Files

Automatically generate all of your local files from a single data source.

Generate 100 local files, from a single data source

Save time, cut costs

Automate compliance documentation, significantly reducing preparation time and external advisory costs.

Mitigate tax risk – globally

Achieve 100% global compliance and reduce your tax risk, with real-time analytics.

Boost collaboration

Connect different teams, locations, and systems to deliver compliant local files quickly, removing the back-and-forth.


Segmented P&L

Automate the segmentation of your P&L with faster, more accurate results.

Seamlessly segment your P&Ls

Automated segmentation

Save time with automated P&L segmentation – and improve accuracy, too.

Real risk reduction

Minimize human errors and get audit-ready through full P&L segmentation transparency.

Valuable insights, valuable savings

Benefit from real-time data analytics to inform strategic decision-making and streamline tax.


Pillar Two

Prepare for Pillar Two with essential guidance and tools that ensure you stay compliant.

Prepare for Pillar Two with confidence

Step-by-step guidance

Receive clear guidance on data requirements and compliance steps, removing confusion and uncertainty.

Efficient data management

Easily identify, integrate, and manage essential data sources with Aibidia's structured and customizable data-gathering process.

Automate, calculate, comply

Save time and reduce risk with automated calculations – ensuring full compliance with Pillar Two requirements.


Data Solutions

Create a single, centralized data source for all your transfer pricing needs.

Effortlessly aggregate your transfer pricing data

Simple collection and transformation

Easily collect and transform raw source data – from Excel files to complex ERP systems – into structured, aggregated datasets.

Save time, improve accuracy

Aibidia’s data solutions reduce the manual work involved and improve accuracy, for maximum efficiency.

Total, effortless integration

Effortlessly connect with other Aibidia solutions for a consistent, efficient, and comprehensive transfer pricing management experience.


Benchmarking Studies

Get affordable, accurate, and audit-ready benchmarking studies – fast.

Top-quality benchmarking studies, made affordable

Lower cost, better quality

Get reliably high-quality benchmarking studies at a much lower cost than the Big Four firms.

Industry-leading studies

Our benchmarking studies follow all best practices and surpass industry standards.

Fast turnaround

Request and receive benchmarking studies in days, not weeks.

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