TP Compliance

Beat the weight of compliance

From local files to Pillar Two – find a way through the burden of transfer pricing compliance. Aibidia automates time-consuming manual tasks, streamlining processes while reducing your tax risk.


Save time, cut costs

Automate compliance, significantly reducing preparation time and external advisory costs.


Mitigate tax risk – globally

Achieve 100% global compliance and reduce your tax risk, with real-time analytics.


Boost collaboration

Connect teams and systems for quick, compliant data gathering and delivery.

Transform your approach to transfer pricing now

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TP Compliance

Explore our platform's solutions for all of your transfer pricing needs


Produce local and master files in a faster, more efficient way.


Local Files

Create high-quality, locally compliant documentation in less than 60 minutes. Instead of tedious manual input, you can automatically generate as many local files as you need, all from a single, central data source.


Australian Local File

Automate the preparation of Australian local files tailored to the country's specific reporting requirements – while keeping the data and facts globally consistent.


Master File

Create a single, globally compliant master file that tells a story consistent with your local files, CbCR, and VCA.


Analyze then optimize your value chain with the help of a transparent, data-driven framework.


Value Chain Analysis

Gain data-led insights into the value creation and profit allocation of your group. Receive practical guidance that will help future-proof your transfer pricing policies and reporting.


Prepare, analyze, and submit globally compliant country-by-country reports.


Country-by-country report

Prepare and submit comprehensive, fully compliant country-by-country reports. You can leverage advanced data analytics to proactively identify upcoming tax risks.

Financial Transactions

Manage all intragroup financial transactions in a single place.


Financial Transactions Documentation

Automate the preparation of specialized transfer pricing documentation for intragroup financial arrangements. You can gain full visibility of all your transactions, while ensuring global compliance and a robust audit defense.


Financial Transactions Benchmarks

Access comprehensive benchmarking data provided by industry leading third parties. Then, compare and decide the arm's length interest rates for your intragroup financial transactions.

Pillar Two

Learn how to efficiently navigate and comply with OECD’s Pillar Two framework.


Pillar Two Calculations

Perform accurate Pillar Two calculations and navigate the transitional rules. Determine which jurisdictions are low-risk, and calculate any necessary top-up taxes.


Pillar Two Analytics

Gain insights into both tax risks and optimization opportunities, through comprehensive Pillar Two analytics.

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