Webinar: Transfer pricing is broken

Webinar: Transfer pricing is broken

Tuesday 31 March, 12.00 EET

Webinar: Transfer pricing is broken

Tuesday 31 March, 12.00 EET

Transfer pricing documentation in the 2020s – see what happens when you replace Word and Excel with purpose built TP document automation

The transfer pricing process is broken:

Highly trained transfer pricing professional spend 80% of their time manually collecting data and copy/pasting it to Word documents. Less than 20% of the time is used for the work they are actually trained for. Almost all the data is in unstructured, non-standardized and spread across dozens or hundreds of separate repositories.

Under-resourced TP teams are tasked with a tremendous amount of compliance work. The standard remedy for this is outsourcing. Outsourcing of central TP processes is not free of problems:

  • Lack of control and harmonization due to use of multiple service providers
  • Loss of operational and strategic insight into Group level TP protocols
  • Missed improvement opportunities due to lack of analytical capability

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Tuesday 31 March, 12.00 EET
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Chief TP Analyst

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Customer Success

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